Therapy format

I offer therapy in many different formats as follows:

Online video
Walk & talk *

This not only enables you to choose the format which suits your circumstance best, but also allows for flexibility according to changing needs and circumstances. For example, sessions with more than one person at a time can mean that these people don’t need to be in the same physical space to access therapy.

Online video

We will agree an online platform and use this platform to conduct the therapy session. i have my own space where I conduct online therapy. The space is set up as a therapy room, so the visual you have will be warm and welcoming. The space is private, with no issues around confidentiality. I use either Skype or Zoom as platforms for online therapy, both of which are secure.


We will speak on the phone for the duration of the session. As above, I use a private and confidential space when conducting phone therapy sessions.


We will agree a session time, as if we were meeting or calling, and will spend the therapy time communicating via SMS. This can be text, WhatsApp, or Skype messaging.

E mail

This is a very different format from the all of the above. With email therapy we won’t communicate together in the same physical time. Instead we will agree to spend 50 minutes per week (or fortnight if that is your preference), working on an email regarding the issues that you wish to bring to therapy. I will ask you to spend 50 minutes writing an email, and I will spend 50 minutes reading and responding to this email, which will be sent to you by an agreed date. This can be carried out as the only form of therapy, or in combination with one of the methods above. Email therapy can be a creative and thoroughly liberating way of accessing therapy. It gives you control of when and where you choose to take your therapy time, and can be particularly useful if you struggle to express yourself verbally.

* Walk and talk is currently suspended

Walk and talk:

We will meet in a pre arranged space outdoors, and will either walk or sit together as we talk. For this kind of therapy we will usually meet in another format initially, to agree boundaries, and talk through issues such as privacy, confidentiality, and how we will manage extremes of weather!

If you would like more information on any of the above, please do contact me: or 07748183075.