Relationship Therapy

What is Relationship Therapy?

Definitions are never easy! So I will explain Relationship Therapy in a way that will hopefully explain what I do as a Relationship Therapist:

1. Relationship Therapy is a way of practising therapy that takes into account the relational context in which things happen.
For example: When two people argue, it is never the ‘fault’ of one or another, but a complex dynamic between the two. Spending time in therapy identifying what this dynamic is can lessen future arguments.

2. I consider the cultural context in which we are living, and how the explicit and implicit messages within this culture impact on our everyday lives in potentially negative ways. These messages can be confusing, especially when they contradict one other. Looking at these messages in therapy can help us to understand that the confusing or difficult feelings we have maybe due to the confusing messages we receive about how we should live.

3. I believe that we are all influenced by the relationships we had with our family members when we were growing up, and that these relationships continue to have a strong influence on us throughout our lives. If these were healthy and positive relationships, then they can be useful when negotiating difficulties in later life. However, some relationships may leave us doubting ourselves, our capacity, or our strength to get through difficult times. Looking at these relationships during therapy can be helpful in allowing us to update our image of ourselves, and realise our own strengths.