Frequently Asked Questions

1. I am not currently in a relationship. Can you help me?

Yes, absolutely. Much of the work I do is with people attending alone.

2. Are the therapy sessions confidential

I attend professional supervision, and so I may discuss the work we do in this professional context. However, no identifying details will be given, to protect your anonymity. The only occasion when confidentiality may be broken, is if you disclose something which suggests that yourself or someone else may be at risk of harm, especially if this is a child. Wherever possible I will talk to you if I need to break confidentiality, and we will agree together how this will be done.

3. How long will I need therapy?

There is no easy answer to this. Some people have a few sessions, others stay for months or years. Often poeple leave when they feel they have ‘done enough for now’, and may return at a later date to continue, either with the same or different issues. Therapy is a very personal process, and doing this in your own time is of paramount importance.

4. I work shifts so can’t come at the same time every week

That’s fine. I work flexibly, so if you want the same time every week that’s fine, but equally if you want to book week by week for a time that suits your lifestyle we can also do that.

5. I want to have joint therapy, but there are some things I want to talk about in confidence

That’s no problem. When working with more than one person in therapy, it is common to also see people for individual sessions. Anything discussed in these sessions will be confidential between yourself and me, unless there is a risk to be considered (see above, q2). If there is something you bring to the individual session that I think need to be discussed in a joint session, I will discuss this with you. If it is agreed to bring this to the joint session, this will be left for you to do when you are ready.

6. What happens if I don’t feel that you are the right person to be my therapist?

The therapy relationship is really important. If you don’t feel that our relationship is comfortable for you, it is absolutely right that you would want to find another therapist. Sometimes there is a specific reason, other times it just ‘doesn’t feel right’. There is no need to explain or justify your decision not to continue, although if there is any feedback you would like to give me about my practice please do let me know.