Negotiating Relationships

Negotiating Relationships is a new blog series I am writing which will cover a variety of different topics, starting with Consensual Non-Monogamy, to be published soon. In these blogs I will look at how we can negotiate different relationships, both within ourselves as individuals, with our partners, with friends and family, and within a wider cultural setting. The aim of Negotiating Relationships is to encourage thought and discussion about the different influences on our most intimate relationships, how prevalent and dominant discourses can impact these relationships both positively and negatively, and how we can work through all these influences to negotiate relationships that work for us as individuals, that nourish us, and help us to thrive. In this series I will also consider how therapy can sometimes be helpful in supporting us to achieve this aim.

Coming soon…

The first of my ‘Negotiating Relationships’ series. Part one: Consensual Non-Monogamy. Watch this space or follow me on Instagram for updates (@elliegoodmantherapy)