About my practice

Hi, I’m Ellie, an experienced and qualified therapist, with a Masters Degree in Relationship Therapy.

As a Relationship Therapist I hold relationships in mind at all times. These may be relationships that you specifically bring to the therapy. Equally it may be the relationship between you and me, relationships that impacted on you growing up, current relationships, such as romantic, aromantic, sexual, friendships, work relationships, family relationships, or any other relationships that you are or have been involved in. This also includes your relationship with yourself, your body, and your mind. During therapy we may also think about the relationship you have to the culture and society around you, the messages you receive, and how these messages impact on you.

I practice therapy in a way that gives you the control and power you need to make it work for you. One way of doing this is by ensuring that the timing is right for you. This includes being flexible about the time we meet and the regularity of that. I offer therapy in many different formats, including video call, voice call, instant messaging and email. The way therapy is conducted will be decided in collaboration, so if you need plenty of time to think in the session you will be given that. However, if you find silence difficult we can work differently, and I can ask you questions (this can often be particularly useful at the beginning of therapy).